Various reasons make Investors look for energy-saving solutions in construction. PANDA & KRECIK as an installation company meets these expectations by offering comprehensive heating and cooling installations based on heat pumps, low-temperature central heating, ventilation with heat recovery. All these systems will significantly reduce operating costs and improve air quality for us and our neighbors.


    We combine the knowledge gained in Krakow at the AGH University of Science and Technology with over 15 years of experience on construction sites. About 200 installations with heat pumps installed in the following voivodeships: Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie, Mazowieckie.


PANDA & KRECIK will provide:

  • professional selection of devices appropriate to the heat demand of the building

  • consulting in designing installations with heat pumps

  • proper design and construction of the heat source

  • preparation of geological documentation for drilling for the heat pump

  • execution of an internal low-temperature central heating installation (both floor, wall and radiator)

  • heat recovery from the exhaust air from the building through a recuperation system

  • the possibility of energy-efficient heating of houses, hot water preparation and cooling using a heat pump

  • sale, assembly, warranty and post-warranty service 

  • central vacuum cleaners

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